A few things about the copy paste signature you need to know!

I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. I was explaining the benefits of using electronic signatures as opposed to the traditional printing scanning/faxing method. (You can’t blame me, it's what I do.) During the conversation he brought up another method which he (and many others) use all the time. 

Quicklysign Tips

I remember when I got my last cellphone; the excitement and anticipation, I couldn't wait to try out all the features.

I checked all the settings and downloaded all the apps I needed, even a few I didn’t. I couldn't help myself.

Unfortunately with new technology....

Still using the fax machine?

In 1964 the first commercialised version of the modern fax machine was introduced. Since then the fax machine has been a must have for anyone starting a business.

But over the last 50 years technology has moved at a rapid rate and we could finally be at the point where the humble fax machine has sent its last fax?

What is a signature?

So to kick off, we thought we would give a little information about normal signatures (wet ink signatures), why we use them, and why electronic signatures (e-signatures) are a valid and legal alternative.