3 Benefits of Online Rental Agreements

If you are in the property industry and looking for something to increase you or your team's productivity and give you a significant competitive advantage; getting your rental agreements signed online may be exactly what you need. Although signing leases online is a relatively new concept, it’s gaining popularity fast and is increasingly expected by both Landlords and tenants. Putting aside time in the day to meet in person and sign a physical document can now be a thing of the past.

Let’s look at 3 major advantages of going online:

1. Save Time and Money

In the past, the lease-signing process was long and complicated. You had to customise your lease, print it out, sit down with your tenant, go over the lease, and have them sign.

Online leases are cheaper because you don’t spend money on printed copies and travel expenses. Not to mention you save a huge amount of time! Since online signing doesn’t require in person meetings and print-outs, the entire process gets quicker and cheaper for both tenants and landlords. By allowing them to sign a lease online it’s a great chance to skip the tiresome process of printing, signing, scanning, emailing, and the finally storing documents.

Having the luxury of reviewing and signing a lease from anywhere, means a tenant or landlord will be able to sign at their own convenience, and can even sign the lease agreement from the other side of the country or world. Either way you look at it, online signing makes things easier and faster for all parties.

2. Happy Tenants and landlords

Many potential tenants, particularly younger ones, are both tech-savvy and eco-conscious, and paperless documentation becomes an absolute must for them. Being raised with gadgets in both hands, this generation is always looking for the most handy and time-efficient solution and prefer the comfort and ease offered by rental agents who have gone digital.

Tenants don’t have to spend time or leave the comfort of their home in order to sign, and they really appreciate the convenience of signing online. They can complete this simple task wherever they are.

If you’re able to offer an innovative rental experience for Landlords as well, they are also likely to choose you over your competitors who still rely on paper. Chances are good that you could get twice as many clients by making that one simple change – ditching paperwork.

3. Digital and available 24/7

With any traditional paperwork there are two major problems: easy to lose and easy to damage. Given how important rental agreements are, both problems are a big deal for a rental agent and a landlord. However, if you choose online rental agreements, your documents will be securely and safely stored online. When your lease is digital you can review it from any place at any time.


What Are You Waiting For?

Going digital with your documentation is already well-established around the world, but the trend to have these digital documents signed online is still on the rise. There is no doubt that one day the entire business world will go paperless. Hopefully you won’t be the last person to join the trend. Successful rental agents think ten steps ahead, so grab your chance now.