3 areas where you can automate paperwork in your business

3 areas where you can automate paperwork in your business

If you’re still using hard copies or sending PDF’s via email, you could be costing your business money. In the time it takes a recipient to print a form, manually fill it out, and send it back, you’ve already lost a good 30-45 minutes (per signer), and that’s if they completed it immediately! More often than not, each signer takes days or weeks to complete a document.

The reality is that processes often get stuck when people don’t respond quickly enough. By eliminating the scenario above, your business can speed up its processes.

Common e-signature myths busted

Over the last couple of years we’ve been blessed to have a great group of people who we’ve been lucky enough to call our customers. We’ve seen how they’ve been spreading the word and using esignatures for some time now.

But before they joined the Quicklysign family they started out like so many others. By asking questions.

 We decided to give a breakdown of the most commonly asked questions about electronic signatures and hopefully put a few myths to bed.

First impressions

Over the last couple of days, the weather in Cape Town has been miserable. It was raining and the wind was howling.

If you had just landed at Cape Town International airport and were on your way to the city, your first impression would be more of Mordor from Lord of the Rings than one of a city voted one of the most beautiful in the world.

This got me thinking about first impressions and how important they can be for all aspects of life and especially in business.

Choose your signing method

This week we launched a feature that will make is very easy to choose how your document gets signed. 

We have added a setting to each document and template, that allows you to choose the method of signing you would like the signer to use. 

Creating a template link.

The ability to create a link to send to anybody to sign a document is a brilliant feature that is now available to all users. 
So how does it work?
If you have a document that needs to be signed by one person each time then this will make your job a lot easier.

How to drastically improve your overall web experience.

The Quicklysign blog normally publishes content that’s intended for our users who use our service everyday. But I thought I would write this article not only for them but for the rest of you too. The person who gets a signing request from Quicklysign. The everyday web user. 

Because we are a cloud based software application, the ability for you to have the absolute best possible experience on the web is vitally important to us. So we thought we would share some pointers about browsing the internet for this weeks Quick Tip Tuesday.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Compulsory fields

We all know the frustrating feeling when someone fills in a document but leaves out important information that you require. Fortunately when using an electronic signature application like Quicklysign, you are able to create compulsory fields within the document.