Creating a template link.

The ability to create a link to send to anybody to sign a document is a brilliant feature that is now available to all users on Quicklysign.

So how does it work?

If you have a document that needs to be signed by one person each time, then this will make your job a lot easier.
We generate a URL that you can email to those who need to sign the document, or you can paste the link on a website. Anyone that clicks the link will land on the page to start the signing process automatically. 

Both you and the signer will receive the signed document in your inbox whenever the process is completed. It's all completely automated.

Here is a quick guide to explain the difference between using a template and using the template link.

Templates are perfect for:

  • One or more signers
  • It can be customized for each recipient
  • Emailed from Quicklysign
  • Great for sales contracts, lease agreements and long complicated documents.

The template link is perfect for:

  • One signer only
  • Same form for everyone
  • Share over email, websites or anywhere else
  • Great for waivers, permission slips, debit order forms etc.

To find the link of a template just click the "Extra setup details" button and you will see the link at the bottom. 

This link will only be visible if you have one signer. As soon two signers are added the link will disappear. 


Make your life a lot easier and allow anybody to sign a document with the template link on Quicklysign.

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