How Quicklysign can help you over the April holidays!

Running a business over April in South Africa can be a tough task.

With all the public holidays it can be a really tough month financially for any business as productivity inevitably decreases. Often staff and co-workers take a few (hopefully well deserved) extra days leave to make the most of the long weekends which further slows things down.

Fortunately we have some good news for you.

Because Quicklysign is cloud based you can access your account from outside the office which gives you the freedom to enjoy your holiday but still keep in touch. Clients can sign documents from their laptop, tablet or smartphone and no longer need to wait to have access to a printer.

With a team account, checking on your teams progress is a breeze while templates make sending an agreement as easy as sending an email.

You can also send reminders when needed and if necessary change an email address to make a correction or send to a different inbox.

Now you can enjoy your holiday, stay up to date with your business and offer a convenient option to your clients that are out of office.

Also a big welcome all our new customers and thank you for making electronic signatures part of your business.

Enjoy your holidays and celebrations

All the best

The Quicklysign Team.

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