3 ways e-signatures can benefit small businesses

Electronic signatures have seen an incredible rise in interest in recent years and an ever-growing number of businesses are now using them as a tool to cut down on paper usage and streamline a multitude of different work processes.

Despite this, there's a misconception that only medium or large businesses can benefit from using e-signatures. This is absolutely not true! Whether you're a large enterprise or a small one man show your business can benefit from eSignatures.

What are the benefits to my small business?

1. Save on time

For a small businesses it’s more important than ever that you look to save time wherever you can. The more time you save the more you can allocate to the vital areas of your business. By automating most of your procedures and going paperless you will be able to cut the document turnaround time from weeks to hours.

2. Save on cost

Learning how to keep your costs down as a small business or startup, is one of the most important factors in surviving the first few years. With the ever increasing costs of paper, printing and cartridges, (especially considering contracts can be extremely lengthy) these cost can spiral out of control. Add to the fact that you won’t have to physically post anymore, means you can say goodbye to most of your mailing, postage and packaging costs as well.

3. Increase Growth

Just because you are a small business at the moment, doesn’t mean you want to stay that way? It’s natural to want to grow bigger and by implementing the right tools and procedures early on in your business, you will be able to reach that goal faster. Not only is it quicker for you and your sales reps to get contracts signed online, but by using e-signatures, they can keep track of the status of that contract. Say for example a client has opened the contract but not yet signed it, you or your sales rep will be able to see that in the Audit Trail and send them a friendly reminder to help move the sale forward.

Quicklysign also allows you to customise the signing page and emails to match your brand with your company logo, colors and messaging. Making sure everyone in the business is aligned and is sending the same message to your clients.


Quicklysign for your business

By making it so easy for clients, suppliers and customers to sign a document on any device, an e-signature platform is a must for any small business. We have many smaller businesses using Quicklysign to help them run their business, so why don’t you join them?

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