3 areas where you can automate paperwork in your business

If you’re still using hard copies or sending PDF’s via email, you could be costing your business money. In the time it takes a recipient to print a form, manually fill it out, and send it back, you’ve already lost a good 30-45 minutes (per signer), and that’s if they completed it immediately! More often than not, each signer takes days or weeks to complete a document.

The reality is that processes often get stuck when people don’t respond quickly enough. By eliminating the scenario above, your business can speed up its processes.

Here are 3 areas of your business where you can automate paperwork by using online signing.

1. Sales

When you’re closing the deal, you want to make a good impression. Introducing online signing into your sales process will speed up deals and give you a major advantage over competitors. Your sales team can easily prepare a contract using a Quicklysign template and then send it for immediate signature. Fast and simple.

The digital process gives your prospect the flexibility to sign from anywhere, anytime. Plus, you can get notifications when they have completed the signing process.

2. HR Management

Did you know that HR teams process anywhere between 10 and 50 onboarding documents per employee. Add time sending out paperwork, time spent processing paperwork, materials cost for welcome packs and contracts and administration time. The costs start to skyrocket.

HR teams can use Quicklysign in a number of ways to eliminate time-consuming paperwork. That means they can focus on more important things, like keeping your company running smoothly. HR teams can use templates to streamline their document formatting, built-in reminders to follow up on unsigned contract, and share signed documents effortlessly with the appropriate stakeholders.

3. Internal Administration

Whether you are dealing with budget approvals, expense reimbursements, purchase orders, or quotes, specific managers or executives need to approve specific documentation in order to proceed.

Considering all the people and steps involved, it can be a major challenge getting these approvals on time. Using e-signatures to allow everyone to sign documents from anywhere at anytime relieves this burden and increases your company’s productivity.

Waiting for sign-off on a quote when the person approving is out of office can be a waste of time for both you and your client. You can get this job done instantly by signing online from your mobile phone using Quicklysign. If you’re in the business of needing to sign NDA’s, having a template handy and being able to send it quickly will save you loads of time. Using Quicklysign’s template feature, this is easily achieved and the clients/prospects can sign the agreement anytime anywhere, even on their phone.

We can also bundle all the signing requests into one request making it quick and efficient for directors to sign multiple documents at a time.

What Are You Waiting For?

There are various ways Quicklysign can help businesses obtain document automation efficiently. Quicklysign isn’t an industry or team dependent tool and anyone can benefit from the ease and security of online signing.

Whether you’re looking to automate paperwork in HR, sales or internally, Quicklysign can help your business become more efficient.