Attach supporting files to your documents!

You now have the ability to get your customers/clients/staff to upload supporting files to the document they are signing.

Yes that's right, we’re excited to announce a new feature that greatly expands the capabilities of Quicklysign.

You would have noticed over the last couple of days the addition of the File button to the tool bar. 



The File button enables the assigned person to upload additional or accompanying files, documents, and images during the signing process. 

Here are just a few of the many valuable uses for this powerful feature:

  • New hires can upload a photo of a driver’s license or passport while signing an employment verification form.
  • Potential tenants can upload a copy of there ID, and FICA documents while completing a registration form.
  • Applicants can upload a PDF of their CV when completing an application form.
  • Clients can attach proof of payment along with a signed off quote / invoice / booking.

There are endless options to help you streamline your business.

This is how it works, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add a File box to a document (the same as you would add a signature box. Ideally at the bottom of the document on the last page.)

  2. Enter a description of what file/document you are requesting. There’s one file attachment per upload box, but you can add as many boxes as you need.]

  3. Assign the box to the person you are requesting the docs from.

Once the document is signed and the accompanying files are attached you will find them at the bottom of the document, just above the audit trail for easy access. 

supporting docs.png

The addition of the Files tab for accompanying documents is a natural progression for Quicklysign, and we’re excited to release another feature to make Quicklysign more powerful and more versatile.

Attaching files will make life easier on both you and your document signers to get even more documents concluded. 

If you send out application forms and need accompanying or supporting docs,  then we know you will be delighted with this feature.


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