Don’t repeat yourself, use templates.

What are templates?

Templates are reusable documents that are completely set up and ready to be sent for signature.

Why use templates?

A lot of contracts and documents that you need signed generally have the same structure, but with a few minor changes.

For example, a lease agreement would need the tenant details and property details changed, but the majority of the lease would remain the same.

Pro tip: If you find yourself often uploading the same pdf, it’s a sign you should probably use templates.

How to set-up templates

To create a template, simply convert a document to a template in QuicklySign.

From within the documents list, under actions, choose [Create Template] to convert the document to a template, and click [Save Template] .

Once saved, you will see the template is saved under the Templates tab.

In the template set-up, under Who must sign?, you assign a role for each signatory.

For example, in a lease agreement template, you would assign “tenant” and “owner” as roles. Signing fields are then linked to these roles. When you use the template, you’ll be able to add signatory details to each role (as described in the next section).

How to use templates

Click [New document] and select [use existing template].

On the templates popup you can select the template to use.

Update the signatory details in the Who must sign? section, and add any additional detail required (e.g. document name).

If you send out the same document over and over but to different recipients, then we suggest creating templates of these documents and see how much time this saves you.

For information on how to create templates go to or contact me (

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