Quick Tip Tuesday: Controlling your customers privacy

We all know privacy is a contentious issue at the moment. With POPI coming into law we know that keeping your customer information private is of vital importance.

With this in mind we have a very convenient way to keep your customers email addresses private when signing a document.

We simply give you the option to hide the contact details in the Audit Trail of your documents.

When you use this feature we still record the email address for legal reasons but this information will not be visible within the Audit Trail. (eg: w*************@gmail.com)

This also works well for intermediaries like Rental Agents where tenants and landlords contact details are kept private even though they are both signing the same contract (lease agreement).

The rental agent has been hired to deal with the tenant and potentially having a tenant contacting the landlord directly is not an ideal situation. Hence when you hide the email address, everybody wins.

But don't worry, if this information is required in the future we will happily provide an updated copy of the document after consultation with the owner of the document.

Here is how it works. Under “extra setup details” tick the option “Hide contact details in Audit Trail”

Thats it! It's that easy. Just tick or untick the box to hide or unhide the contact details.

With this feature you now have the control on what information is displayed on your signed documents. Go try it out knowing that your customers details are safe and private.


Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hyku/368912557 


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