Quick Tip Tuesday: Sequential Signing

Sequential signing is the handy feature that sets the order in which parties will sign a document.

We like to think of sequential signing as a relay race. You are only allowed to start your run once you have received the baton from your teammate. Quicklysign’s sequential signing is similar. You will only receive your signing request once the person before you has signed.

Quicklysign notifies Party #1 to sign, and as soon as Party #1 signs, Quicklysign notifies Party #2 to sign. This process continues until the document is completed. This is the online equivalent of passing a document around a table, where each party fills out information and signs one at a time. There is only one document and nobody jumps the queue.

Sequential signing is essential to many contracts as there may be a specific person who needs to sign first. With sequential signing this becomes possible. A new client will sign first, before the sales consultant can sign the deal. An applicant will fill out and sign an application first before someone in authority can review, sign and approve the contract.

Sometimes a manager will sign first, then the vice president will sign, and finally the CEO will sign. Sequential signing therefore plays an important role in many business processes.

With Quicklysign you are able to choose the order of signatories while the document is in setup. The list runs from top to bottom and is colour coded for convenience. If you are top of the list then you are first to sign. Pretty simple.


Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/boston_public_library/8267220391


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