Tuesday's Quick Tip: Custom email message

Our first Tuesday Tip is something really simple to do and only takes a few minutes.

We are going to show you how to personalise your Signing Request Email Message. Each email contains a unique link to your document but the message can be customised and we will show you how and why it's important when sending documents for signature.

You will notice the change email message button in the dropdown ‘extra setup details’.

A default message is automatically used for each email unless you change it yourself from within “extra setup details” then “Change email message”.

When creating a template any changes you make to the email message will be saved to that template and will be used in place of our standard message.

Once the document is in setup mode, you can make changes and this will not affect the message saved to the template.

This is perfect for multiple people sharing documents within a team. You can add your own name to the message instead of just the company or organisation you are sending it from.

Here are few reasons why a custom message is important:

  1. Familiarity: Your customers will feel more comfortable with the e-signing process if they feel like the message is from you and not just a standard message from Quicklysign. This is especially true for first time users.

  2. Information: If you need supporting documents, or have a specific set of instructions regarding the document, add it here, so there is less confusion when your customers sign.

  3. Faster Signing: We have noticed that when a customised message is used, the documents are often completed faster. This means you won't have to send reminders.

If you need some help customising your email message or have any questions contact us on hello@quicklysign.com

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