Why your sales team needs to start using e-signatures

Yes, paper contracts are familiar, and we’ve used them for many years, but now that e-signatures has become accessible to everyone, you should rid yourself of those massive stacks of paper and the old office filing cabinet.

Salesmen need to be confident as well as efficient. Sales teams that rely solely on paper contracts are anything but efficient.
Let’s look at some ways e-signatures can help your sales team.

1. Save Time!

Large documents sometimes take longer to print, than clients will spend reading them and more often than not only get looked at once. All this takes up an enormous amounts of time. With e-signatures your turnaround time on a document is 80% quicker, because you can sign on any internet connected device. The documents are then stored in the cloud which means no more hours of searching through the filing cabinet for the correct document.

E-signatures can also save time when it comes to documents needing more than one signature. No more sending a document to each person individually. A process that could take weeks or more. With Quicklysign, the document is simply uploaded and emailed to each person in turn, and then back to the document owner and all other recipients when it is completed.

2. Impress Clients!

This is a big one!

Sales is all about impressing the clients. We have seen an amazing positive response to e-signatures first hand by the feedback we get on Quicklysign. Faxed or photocopied documents that look terrible and can be unreadable, are certainly not the way to impress a client or get the relationship off to a good start.

Instead of emailing huge documents for your clients to print and scan. Simply use e-signatures to make them feel like they are receiving the red carpet treatment. Trust us, they will thank you.

3. Security and privacy

E-signatures are more secure than signatures collected on paper because they leave a clear electronic audit trail, unlike paper documents that can be very difficult to track and easily forged or altered. And, with Quicklysign, you can track the progress of your document to see where it is in the process at all times. All this makes signing with electronic signatures a lot more secure.

Privacy is important when it comes to contracts and with wet signatures, documents can be seen by any number of people, staff that open and sort post, colleagues walking past each others desks, visitors to your office, and so on. With e-signatures you can be safe knowing that no one else will be able to access and see your private documents as you are not required to print your document in order to sign it.

4. Save Money and trees!

The benefits of e-signatures on the environment are obvious; less printing and faxing means less trees being cut down. This makes everyone happy and means we are all doing our bit for the environment.

E-signatures also have a positive effect on your company's bottom line.

The reality is that you could save a lot of money on printing costs. If you consider that you will probably scan each document into a computer anyway, and then place the paper copy in a filing cabinet where it will lie for the rest of eternity. Why print in the first place? Go straight to the digital version.  Times have changed and it's time to change with them.

Sign up to Quicklysign now to give your sales team the perfect tool to make them more efficient. It's completely free. 


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