First impressions

Over the last couple of days, the weather in Cape Town has been miserable. It was raining and the wind was howling.

If you had just landed at Cape Town International airport and were on your way to the city, your first impression would be more of Mordor from Lord of the Rings than one of a city voted one of the most beautiful in the world.

This got me thinking about first impressions and how important they can be for all aspects of life and especially in business.

Making a good first impression

Your first interaction with a client can make or break a deal. The first support interaction with a new user, if done wrong, can leave a bad taste in their mouth. Clients are informed, smart and will happily go somewhere else at the drop of a hat if they feel they have been let down.

As they say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


Effective Onboarding

If you own a business and you hired a new employee, what would their first impression of you and your company be? Was it one of efficiency or was it a bit thrown together and disorganised. If it's the latter, your new employee may be having second thoughts.

Every company has their own way of onboarding employees and clients. Sales and marketing differ depending on what industry you’re in and how your system's setup.

But the one thing that almost all new employees and most new clients have to do, is sign a contract of some sort. Whether it's an employment contract, a mandate for new landlords, membership agreements or a waiver, either way it most certainly is one of the very first interactions they will have with you and your business.

Why not make this process of the onboarding efficient and impressive.

Companies spend a lot of time and money implementing new and cutting edge software solutions into their workflows, but then still rely on paper and pens to finish some of the most important processes they have. It’s crazy.



The great news is that you can fix this by completing this final signing process online with Quicklysign, all while giving new employees or clients a pleasant experience. In fact, you can impress the hell out of them. We have never had any complaints about the convenience of signing documents online rather than printing, scanning and faxing/emailing. It's a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

The important thing to remember is that clients simply expect to be able to do business on the same device they use to keep track of Twitter and Instagram. It's the world we live in today.

Mobile, online and efficient. You could be losing clients because you are lagging behind.

With electronic signatures, you can stand above your competitors and offer a first impression that will be guaranteed to last. We have received the compliments first hand and we are proud to facilitate that experience on behalf of our clients.


The benefits go far beyond client satisfaction and first impressions. Esigning can improve and make your work so much better too. Many companies spend a significant amount of time tagging paperwork to be signed, tracking down documents and resending incomplete paperwork. All of that can be simplified by switching to a digital process with esignature's.

Sales staff can close deals within minutes, clearly see and address delays and spend less time searching for paperwork. It comes down to spending quality time with clients rather than wrangling with the logistics of onboarding. And the same can be said with your new employees.

Esignature's will not only tighten security and reduce errors, which are important to clients, but it will also provide the ease and convenience that clients are demanding.

First impressions last

Clients that receive an excellent service will be far more willing to recommend or refer you and your company.

If the technology is available to impress your clients and employees then there shouldn't be any excuses for you and your business leaving an amazing first impression. 


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